A Friend Of Mine

Saturday, November 17, 2007 , Posted by ummu_abdullah at 11/17/2007 09:34:00 PM

Ketika menerima satu email, semua kata-kata di dalamnya telah dapat ku agak... Indah...Itulah Ukhwah Imaniyyah.. Jangan di salah tarsirkan antara yang haq dan yang bathil... Thanks Ukhti...

I love having you as a friend,
You make my day brighter,
I'm happy with this friend I've found
Who makes my burdens lighter.
Whenever I see you,
It makes me want to smile,
You were never too cool,
Always in Style.

Don't you ever leave me,
I'll never make you frown,
By your side I'll always be,
Especially when you're down.
Even through the worst of days,
I will be right here,
Watching you through ever faze,
Catching every tear.
You hold my feelings in your hand,
Every single one,
My friendship will forever stand,
Even when the fun is done.
So don't ever forget me,
For I will not forget you,
Here for you I will always be,
No matter what you do.
If others could feel as free,
As I feel with this Friend,
Friendship and warmth is all they'd see,
And love would never end.

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